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Firm Profile

The P.H. Martin Law Firm, L.L.C., was founded in 2004 by Patrick H. Martin, V. Coming from a long line of attorneys (4 of the 5 P.H. Martins have been attorneys), Mr. Martin has over 10 years practicing law, mostly representing the State of Louisiana in various capacities.

I've recently posted a speech my great-grandfather wrote in 1921. I've posted it here because I think it has some relevance to the upcoming election. You can also see a printable version, or download an image of the original article.

Before starting the firm, Mr. Martin had an extensive career in public service, including:

  • Governor Mike Foster - Assistant Executive Counsel
  • Office of the Legislative Auditor - General Counsel
  • E. Baton Rouge District Attorney's Office - Assistant District Attorney

In all of these positions, Mr. Martin worked on a wide variety of both legal and political matters, working under pressure and in the glare of the public spotlight.

Mr. Martin has extensive experience with all aspects of governmental relations, administrative law, employment law, and litigation of all sorts.

UPDATE: I am no longer in private practice, and am unable to respond to requests for advice regarding pardons or other matters